图片 1飘保加不莱梅语读后感  Recently,
I have read the famous novel “Gone with The Wind” by 玛格丽塔 Mitchell.
Each character in this book gave me a great impression.  At beginning
of the book, I think Scarlet was a beautiful, lucky woman. So many young
men were in love with her and they always stayed around her. But in fact
,Scarlet was not the lucky woman I thought . She was fell in love with
阿什利 Wilkes, but the man was not like the other boys around her. when
then news came that Ashley would be married with Melanie ,she felt
surprised and even couldn’t accept the fact. With the psychology of
revenging Ashley, Scarlett married to Melanie’s brother before the day
of Ashley’wedding.  Soon after the war broke out , many young man died
,including Scarlett’s husband. Scarlett became a widow. She couldn’t
stand the boring life, so when Melanie invited her to the home of
查尔斯’s aunt. Without more consideration ,斯嘉丽 left for
Atlanta.  One time hospital hold a party to collect contributions.
Then at the party ,she met Rhett buther, the man who loves her at first
sight. Although Scarlett didn’t show any good feeling to him, Rhett
buther always companied her and made her happy. For several reasons, she
married again,but Rhett still loved her. When her second husband died,
he asked Scarlett married him. Because he believed that he understoodher
and he can bring her happy. After several month ,they got married. Their
life became better and happier. Later they had a litte daughter, Bonnie.
Rhett loved his lovely daughter just like the way he loved Scarlett. But
Scarlett still loved 阿什利. Unfortunitily, Bonnie died when she rided
the horse. Rhett was hurt so badly that he couldn’t stand living with
Scarlett,and he decided to leave. At this time she realised that the man
she really loved was Rhett, not Ashley. She tried hard to persuard Rhett
not to leave her. He left .I think it was a pity, but it doomed.
Although Rhett love her so much ,he could do everything to make her
happy, but she never opened her heart to him and tried to understand
him.  Although Scarlett’s love was end up with tragedy. But from her
attitude for life,we could know that she was a strong woman.she never
gave up facing endless difficulties.when the war was terrible,
everything was in confusion ,Scarlett had to take Melanie left back to
home, the Tara Plantation. 霍普fully she wanted her parent’s help. But
to her surprise, her mum had died and her father was out of normal.
Situation have became more difficult. While Melanie was going to give
birth to a baby. Scarlet made her mind on taking on the task. In order
to keep living ,斯嘉丽 even went to work on farm ,she planted cotton.
Melanie was in poor health, but she still went to help Scarlett to do
farm work. She believed Scalett and gave her unselfish love. With
Menlanie’s love,Scarlett supported her home,but at this time ,she still
didn’t realize how important Melanie for her. In order to solve the
problem of the Tara plantation,she married to Frank. In order to make a
living she also did business which was unbelievable for women in this
time. She struggled with countless difficulties, but she never gave up.
She still believed “汤姆orrow is a new day”。  Another girl that I
loved in this book is Melanie,she was very kind and gentle. She never
doubted the relationship between Scarlett and Ashley, she always standed
in the side of Scarlett. Although Scarlett hated her and even wanted her
to die. She still believed Scalett and treated Scarlett as her best
friend. Melanie loved her husband ,when her husband was fighting in the
war, she always waited for him. She didn’t have the strength to give
birth, but she still wanted to have a baby for Ashley, finally, she
died.  These three main characters in the book are all very obvious,
but different. They gave me a impression. Scarlett was a plain girl, but
what she did was not plain. She didn’t stay silent during the war, she
changed her own life by strugling. In fact, many people lost what they
have like Scarlett,but they all gave up to strive for the happiness that
essentially belonged to them. 斯嘉丽 have the braveness to change the
situation. But the pity was that she didn’t recognize the real love
belong her in time. If she could got deep understanding of Ashley, she
may not love him. If she could open her heart to Rhett and understand
him, she may realized her love to Rhett. Sometimes I couldn’t help
thinking that why the author can write this moved story. Maybe she have
the similar experiences.  On the whole, this is a wonderful book, I
feel very grateful that I can read it. I could get many benefits from
it.飘斯洛伐克共和国(The Slovak Republic)语读后感  She hate bitterly before arriving at her door request
to look after and themselves also have no excessive food, she still
fulfil her ability the ground helped them, because she hopes to also
have the north guy woman of a good heart afar to her just at homing a
rice of husband eat.  Such strong female, the but again is a such
gentleness kind and considerate.She persists the ground to believe the
rare gift of beauty of si and a’s, even someone see with own eyes they
hug together, also persisting the ground to believe them, protection si
beauty.She knows perfectly well pain and sufferings that own body can’t
bear again to grow, but persist the ground to want to hope the gift to
give birth to a child for the a again, end leave she loved the close
relatives of the lifetime.  Is really too great, looking at
themeilanli, make me thought of much more Chinese ancient times females
of, they are also such dociles, work hard in spite of criticism, assist
husband and bring up children, then silent unknownly old go to and
depart from this life.  In the whole book, I is a rui for the person
that like most especially.He is brave and persists, he can love the
beauty of si so and deeply for more than ten years constant.He wants to
protect the beauty of si , the doter si beauty, look after the beauty of
si, let her everything feel happy, but the beauty of si refused.He says,
again the time that eternal love also will dub out, but his love, drive
beauty of si, drive rare gift of a , was dub out by the adherence that
the si beauty is stupid of.His heart, die.When his daughter leaves him,
his heart, return any further not to come.He says, he has always been to
have no that patience shear the ground pants and sew and like, then
tells the oneself this is similar to lately, just deceive yourself as
well as others.Ground is ground, return and don’t go to any further,
even make allies, the top still stays the crack, is not originally any
further that.《飘》匈牙利(Hungary)语读后感scarlett , a very personality figures ,the
two mans she love ,neither does she know about.to her, i was compelled
to admire, admire her strong and brave, admire her to lay down in the
environment, farm workers previously suffered education, admire her to
disregard the community to create their own expression of the cause .she
is in the whole story, all a person full of fighting will full of
vitality . i appreciated most , it is this ” tomorrow is another day of
hers. ” . promising forever, full of fighting will , will never give up,
never desperate. i think i’m moved by her.so, whenever i meet
difficulty, the mood is not good, i will tell oneself : ” tomorrow is
another day. ” ’gone with the wind’ is absolutely a good book that is
worth sampling repeatedly, the characters are graceful , the plot rises
and falls, exciting boldly and uncon strainedly, though the subjective
factor because of the author among them , the appraisal on u.s.a.’s
civil war is not objective and overall, but as to angle of literature,
this one fine piece of writing generation definitely absolutely, worth
visiting.title: the little princeauthor: antoine de st-exuperymain
characters: the little prince, the pilot, the rose, the fox, the snake,
etc.despite i’ve not in my childhood yet, i still prefer reading
fairy-tale stories. the tales, which accompany with me in my old days,
often make me think of some precious experience and sensation which only
belong to children. this summer i’ve review this kind of tale, which was
published in 一九三八. it’s the world-famous fairy-tale by the french
author, antoine de st-exupery, the little prince.as many other
fairy-tales, the outline of the little prince is not very complex. “i”,
the narrator of the story, is a pilot whose plane has something wrong
and lands in the sahara. in this occasion, the pilot makes the
acquaintance of the little prince, a little boy from another planet, the
asteroid b612. the little prince has escaped from his tiny planet,
because he has some quarrel with a rose, which grows on his planet. in
that case he left his own planet and took an exploration at some
neighbor asteroids.《飘》读后感(土耳其(Turkey)语版)Love, Friendship and Family of
Gone with the windA war swallowed a beautiful woman, a perfect family
and a love. 伊芙rything seemed to be a dream, going with the
wind.Scarlet, a gifted nobleman,should have tasted sweetness of love,
but she bore tragedy of her love, crush of her family love and falling
of her friendship in the trouble times. So without dependence, she
learnt to be more independent and stronger than before. To my sadness,
she didn’tobtain what she wanted throughout.For her love, Ashley was a
pure dream. Scarlet loved only his bright appearance in fact, as elegant
poems sank Scarlet into dubious illusion.Therefore, she realized her
true love wasn’t 阿什利 who was perfect in her, but www.t262.com the
contrary, 巴特勒 was ambitious, not like Ashley.He won his own love
finally, Scarlet, expressing his power. Although Butler didn’t integrate
intoswelldom really, he was fit for Scarlet. However, when Scarlet
poured her love to 巴特勒, he refused her, even abandoned her because
his heart was filled with scars. Their crystal of love went with the
wind, their love gone with the wind.For her friendship, not only Scarlet
depended upon Melanie, but envied her, getting Ashley’s love. In fact,
it was not until Melanie died that Scarlet realized she relied on
Melanie. Melanie was alike an angel from heaven, kindhearted and
virtuous. She was core of Ashley.In reality, Scarlet liked what Ashleywas, was 阿什利 who was protected by Melanie. So in the opposite of
envying Melanie, Scarlet loved her. Their friendship was subtle.For her
family, it was a tragedy. 伊芙ntually, it was incoherent. No parties, no
cheerful chatting and laughing, there was just broken walls of Tara. All
got away from Scarlet into another world, leaving her alone to face the
cruel war. This witnessed a social vicissitude.Gone with the wind,
displayed a pretty woman chasing true love, described a cruel war and
depicted a subtle friendship. In the story, selfishness of Scarlet,
avarice of Butler, goodness of Melanie and recreance of Ashley appeared
before our eyes. Not only gone with the wind was a novel, but an
encyclopediaabout characters.As readers, in my opinion, we don’t browse
it, but peruse mind of it and apperceive it. To learn how to depict a
character and to deliver a mind though the character is what we should
do after perusing it.

  A rosy hue settles all around,
  You got the feel
  You’re on solid ground,
  For a spell of two no one seems forlorn,
  This comes to pass
  When a child is born


It seems that love is the forever theme of many movies and songs. We
like all kinds of affection. Most of us think that love is the greatest
thing in the world. I believe in this too. However , when love faces
challenges, how many of us can stay calm. I am deeply moved by this
movie. I even cried because of the plots in this movie. The actress in
this movie tells us what is true love and how powerful love can be.
When love faces challenges, what will you do ?
You can choose to be strong or weak. Kyle’s husband died of an
mysterious accident. She was alone and had to face everything all by
herself and take up the responsibility of her daughter. She has no other
choices. She was the only one who can protect her young daughter. She
tried her best to protect her. she tried her best to provide her
daughter with a better and safer environment. It was hard for a woman to
endure. The death of her husband alone can damage her. However, when
love faces challenges, she chose to be strong instead of weak,
When love faces challenges, choose to believe or doubt. No one has seen
her daughter in the flight. No one chose to believe her or supported
her. No one accompanied her and stood on her side. Everyone in the plane
thought she was such an insane. All the convincing facts showed that her
daughter has never been on this plane. Even herself felt so confused.
But she always has a strong belief that her daughter was on this plane.
She never gave up looking for her.
When love faces challenges, choose to insist or give up. When everyone
was against her, she led her own way. When no one supported her, she
conquered all difficulties herself. It was so hard for an ordinary woman
to accept. However love can defeat anything. She has a strong belief
that her daughter was on this plane. The process of finding her daughter
was also very disappointing. Although she was very familiar with this
plane, she has to try all the methods to solve this problem.
What is more powerful? Love or authority, it is really a question. The
actor said in this movie,” authority is a good thing, no one even
noticed that I put your daughter into the luggage case. No one would
believe you because I have authority. “ We have to admit that in this
society, if you have authority, you have power then. Things will be much
easier. But I still choose to believe love is the greatest thing in the
This movie reminds me of a very good poem. It’s a poem about love to the
When a child is born
  A ray of hope flickers in the sky,
  A tiny star lights up way up high,
  All across the land
  Dawns a brand-new morn,
  This comes to pass
  When a child is born.
  A silent wish sails the seven seas,
  The winds of change
  Whisper in the trees,
  And the walls of doubt
  Crumble tost and torn,
  This comes to pass
  When a child is born.

图片 26旬失独老太做试管婴孩诞下双胞胎

When love faces challenges, be strong, be firm and be insistent. Always
have a strong faith in love and finally you will get what you want.


  (And all of this happens,
  Because the world is waiting,
  Waiting for one child,
  Black, white, yellow,
  No one knows,
  But a child that’ll grow up,
  And turn tears to laughter,
  Hate to love, war to peace,
  And everyone
  To everyone’s neighbor,
  And misery and suffering
  Will be words to be forgotten

Pinyin: gāo líng

  It’s all a dream, an illusion now,
  It must come true
  Sometime soon somehow.
  All across the land
  Dawns a brand-new morn,
  This comes to pass
  When a child is born.

Pinyin: huā jiǎ




Meaning:test tube

Sentence: Many emerging economies are now reaching their maximum
tolerance of inflation。好多新兴经济体对通货膨胀的忍耐近日已达到规定的典型终点。


A 64-year-old woman is reliving the joys of motherhood at a time when
most people her age spend their days caring for grandchildren, as she
raises test-tube twin toddlers. Sheng Hailin, who also gives healthcare
lectures across the country, described caring for her kids as “busy,”
admitting that she was worried about keeping up with such a demanding
schedule. She also said money was on her mind. Becoming the oldest woman
in China to give birth three years ago, Sheng finally gave birth to the
babies on May 25, 2010 in Hefei, Anhui Province, with help from doctors.
She had first tried to conceive a test-tube baby in 2009, after the
death of her and her husband’s only daughter, who died in a gas
poisoning accident。

Meaning: the limit;the maximum

Sentence:Employers may be mistaken if they assume that older workers
lack the animal spirits to make a go of new

Sentence: Her and her husband’s only daughter died in a 瓦斯 poisoning
accident,they have now become the lost old man.


Meaning:a cycle of sixty years

Sentence: Although my grandfather over 60, but he loves

Meaning:Shidu, parents who have lost their only child

Meaning: eld

Pinyin: tè shū

Sentence:The first so-called test tube baby, louise brown, was born in
england in 一九八〇. 一九七五年,世上第一个试管婴儿路易斯Brown在United Kingdom诞生。

Sentence:We had a special event in the school

Pinyin: shì guǎn

Pinyin:shī dú

Pinyin: jí xiàn